Marshall and Tacheci Real Estate

Marshall and Tacheci Real Estate (Robert Tacheci Real Estate Pty Ltd), established in 1979, is Bermagui’s longest established real estate agency and a key part of the local Bermagui scene with their office located on Bermagui’s most prominent corner in the main street.

We have a track record of sales success for all types and property and prices, with Robert Tacheci having earned a reputation as an expert in marketing prestige, landmark and beachfront properties.

Marshall and Tacheci is unique to Bermagui in being the only agency to have traded through a number of cycles of “boom and bust” and we can therefore offer a unique level of expert real estate advice based on experience.

We are committed to “client benefit based” strategies. That means putting the client’s long term good ahead of our own short term profit. Advice given will not recommend any industry practices that are geared to favour the agent rather than the client. We have stringent requirements for staff to attend regular training on the subject of “ethics” and “client benefit” based marketing.

The combination of highly trained professionalism, ethics, and old fashioned “country town” service is the hallmark of our business and one to which our whole team is committed.


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1/28 Lamont Street Bermagui, NSW 2546